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With our ever growing experience and history of jobs, we like to help pass on all the help and guidance we can.  Putting our heads together we like to blog about relevant topics, situations and jobs where possible, and below is our current collection of posts which we hope you will find of interest…

Health & Safety during Remediation and Restoration


When there is an emergency flooding incident at your house or commercial property, the first step is to phone a… [Read more]

Why Humidity Control is Vital During Restoration


It’s the restorers responsibility to ensure that humidity is controlled accordingly during the restoration works. If you’ve ever experienced a… [Read more]

4 Common Classes of Antimicrobial Products used in Mould Removal


When it comes to mould removal there are specific antimicrobial products and chemicals that need to be used in order… [Read more]

The Importance of Rapid Response to Water Damage


The best way to reduce the amount of structural damage caused by indoor flooding to your property is to have… [Read more]

3 Types of Inspections During Flood Damage Cleaning


One of the first things to do when there has been flood damage to your home is to call an… [Read more]

The Restoration Process for Contents


When a large, indoor flood occurs and your house or property has a high amount of water intrusion the restoration… [Read more]

Important Reasons to Check HVAC Systems After Water Damage


When water enters a property and there is extensive damage to the flooring, carpets, walls and ceilings, checking all HVAC… [Read more]

Protecting Your Home During Thunderstorms


Drainage systems become overwhelmed during periods of heavy rain. This means that water may not be effectively directed away from… [Read more]

Why Mould Makes You Sick and What Steps to Take Next


Tiny amounts of mould exposure most likely will not make you sick, however across sustained periods of exposure along with… [Read more]

Will Mould Die Without Water?


Mould that has grown will remain as it is even if you remove the water source. Once grown it will… [Read more]