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What is the Difference Between Restoration and Remediation?

Definitions of Restoration and Remediation

Restoration: The act of returning something to a former owner, place or condition.

Remediation: The action of remedying something, in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage.

In flood water damage the act of restoration involves returning your home or place of business to its original condition following a flood damage incident. Remediation on the other hand involves remedying the damage caused by environmental damage such as storm water, by stopping or reversing its damage. With over 20 years in the flood damage industry in Melbourne, Kleen-Tech restored and remediated hundreds of properties across all suburbs. Large restoration projects may be necessary for when the structures in your property have been contaminated and compromised by water and mould. Once the mould and moisture has infiltrated the walls and key structures for example, they can become weakened over time and no longer be able to serve their function effectively or safely. This is when large restoration works may need to be conducted. Properties that require remediation are normally attended to following a leak in the roof or blocked gutters that has resulted in wet carpets and flooring.

Rainwater collecting on a window pane
Indoor flooding to your home or place of business can occur when there are severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. Restoration and remediation is integral to returning your property to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Emergency Remediation and Restoration

If your property has been affected by severe water damage following a thunderstorm, a broken pipe or a burst hot water tank our recommendation is to commence the remediation works as soon as possible. This ensures the standing water does not infiltrate your structures further over time and result in further damage. Once a flood damage specialist attends your property they will assess the affected areas and take the necessary steps immediately to restore your property to pre-loss condition.

Kleen-Tech is the leading flood damage specialists and have been operating for more than 20 years in a family-run business. Phone 1300 30 50 30 on a 24/7 basis for all emergency flood water cleaning in Melbourne and all surrounding suburbs.