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Flood damage restoration: The suburbs in Melbourne we service

We’ve had more than 20 years experience in flood damage restoration all across Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Our goal is to act immediately to ensure there is less damage to your property after an unexpected flood. No matter which suburb your property is based at, we can guarantee:

  1. Dispatch within 1 hour
  2. 24/7 Availability
  3. Certified technicians and friendly staff
  4. Support before, during and after the flooding event
  5. Water extraction and drying equipment

What are the high risk flooding suburbs in Melbourne?

By visiting the SES Victorian website you can click on your local council area and suburb to see whether your property is located in a flood-prone area. For example in the City of Monash that includes the Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Oakleigh and Mulgrave wards have a history of flooding in 2005, where a significant flooding event occurred causing water damage to multiple properties and public areas. As per the SES recommendations you should identify the history of flooding in your local area and keep an eye out for major flooding alerts. That way, you can be prepared for an unexpected water damage event and have the resources and contacts to commence flood restoration works immediately. As a general rule, any suburb where there are lots of hills or are based around areas with high development and concrete, there is a higher chance of flooding for your property. This is is due to water travelling downwards, pooling towards land at the bottom of hills. In highly developed areas including the Melbourne CBD the water can only rely on the drainage systems. When there is severe rain and thunderstorms the drainage systems can get overwhelmed and water will flood above the roads and into shops and properties close to the side walks.

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