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Maintaining Your Carpets: The Professional Guide

Protecting new carpets at your home or property is something that requires regular cleaning and inspections, as daily wear and tear, dirt, stains and spills take their toll on the carpet’s quality over time. Though maintaining carpets is a regular task, the good news is that you can take steps to reduce the amount of dirt in or on your carpet and prolong its life. Kleen-Tech has a few tips and guides below on how to make sure your carpets last a lifetime.

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Vacuum your Carpets Regularly

It is important to vacuum your carpets regularly to ensure that residual dirt, dust, allergens or food is removed straight away. This prevents the build up of allergens and dust over time and can leave your carpets looking fresh all year round. For a large house with pets and a lots of people including families or work colleagues, we recommend vacuuming at least once a day or once every two days to keep carpets clean and fresh.

Making sure that your carpet is cleaned and vacuumed regularly is one of the most important and easiest steps in carpet maintenance to ensure there is no dullness and the removal of potential allergens that can settle into the fibres of the carpets quite quickly. By vacuuming your home or office regularly you can prevent the build up of dust, pollen, animal fur and food residue that will keep your carpet looking fresh. It will also prevent any allergic responses from anyone inside the property as pollen, dust and animal fur can settle into the carpets quite quickly causing allergies if not removed.

Don’t Let Stains Settle In

The best way to avoid large stains and hard to remove stains is to ensure any spills are removed and cleaned as soon as possible. Soapy water often works very well along with a specialised carpet cleaning brush to effectively remove the spillage from the carpets. You can also use towels to soak up any excess liquid such as wine, milk or juice and then use a soapy sponge or specialised carpet cleaning brush to clean up the remaining spill. For large stains and large areas with damage we recommend hiring a professional to perform a deep steam clean. But whatever you do, don’t use a scrub or a brush with rough bristles in cleaning your carpet. Carpets are highly susceptible to surface damage if the wrong brushes are used, as the fibers from the carpet will lift and cause a scuffed appearance.


Even if your carpets look clean they can still harbour harmful bacteria that gives off unpleasant odours in the long run. So it’s better to deodorise them as often as possible. You can achieve this by hiring a deep steam cleaning professional to perform a thorough clean of your carpets. With specialised equipment and the right proportion of chemicals they will perform a deep steam clean which deodorises the carpets and sanitises them at the same time.

Protect your carpet

Over time, the protective layer on a stain resistant carpet will eventually wear down, so you can purchase a carpet protector spray and apply it on a regular basis, especially immediately after a professional carpet cleaning. This specialised protector spray will protect the carpet during day to day use and prevent stains from settling in too quickly. Once a carpet has been sprayed with a protector, it should take about 2-6 hours to dry depending on how much spray has been used and how large the area is.

Use Carpet Deep Steam Cleaning

Deep steam carpet cleaning is also essential in removing deep set dirt, dust, pollen, and other pollutants in the carpets. We recommend performing this once every six months in your home. If the carpets are used on a daily basis with high use such as in a large office or apartment, we recommend performing a regular deep steam clean at least once every three months. This will help keep the carpets clean and maintain them over the years. You can hire a deep steam cleaning professional in your local area for this. They will attend the site, clear the area and perform the deep steam cleaning with proper equipment and extraction units.

Hire A Professional

No matter how well you maintain your carpet everyday, it is still crucial to have your carpet professionally cleaned from time to time. It’s worth bringing in a professional cleaner to deep steam clean your carpet to extend its life and quality. If you’re based in Melbourne Kleen-Tech offer professional deep

Though maintaining carpet takes a lot of work, taking consistent good care of your carpets so they can look like new and last for years to come is very helpful. You won’t need to replace them for many years and they will always look fresh and be free from any allergens.