How Kleen-Tech Makes Water Damage Insurance Claims Simpler

With Kleen-Tech on your side, you will find is simpler and faster to lodge an insurance claim and have it processed without delay. Just call Kleen-Tech and leave all the insurance red tape to us. In fact, in most cases, we will be paid directly by the insurance company, just like a car accident claim.

Kleen-Tech has more than 23 years experience in the water and flood damage industry, and we have dealings on the customer’s behalf with every well known company offering home and business insurance cover in the State of Victoria.

We understand the process, and we will provide the documentary support that insurance companies require. We will also assist by providing reports to other relevant parties including landlords (for rental premises) , bodies corporate (for strata titled premises), mortgage holders, property managers , real estate agents and insurance brokers and any other relevant third parties. Generally speaking, most – but not all – types water and flood damage is covered by household, contents, landlord and business insurance policies and building insurance is usually required by mortgage holders.

At the same time, it is a priority to start extracting the water and drying out the premises ASAP as delay may increase the damage and cost of repair. For this reason, Kleen-Tech will supply your insurance company with full reporting and documentation supporting the claim which should allow drying out to start immediately without further assessment or any delay.