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4 Types of Structures Involved in Large Flood Restoration Projects

The largest flood damage restoration projects are typically seen in commercial, industrial, institutional and complex residential buildings. Because larger buildings have a more complex network of structures, systems, pipes, water and sewage maintenance and various forms of construction methods and materials, each water restoration project is unique and requires thorough and timely remediation to ensure the safety of the occupants and the flood restoration staff.

1. Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are larger buildings that are involved in warehousing, retail, office or a combination of these. Within these buildings there is typically a lower level of electrical access and limited power ability meaning that when works are conducted sometimes a power generator will need to be used. Additionally these buildings have various types of structures within the building itself, including partitions, demising walls and multiple fixtures and surface finishes.

Commercial buildings involved in flood damage restoration works

2. Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings are structures where the primary use is manufacturing, foundry and distribution and storage. Given their primary function involved in manufacturing, there is usually a much larger amount of power and electrical availability throughout these structures combined with fewer partitions and a lower variety of finished surfaces.

3. Institutional Buildings

Institutional buildings are structures that house public facilities including schooling, hospitals, municipals, sports complexes, airports, council libraries or other government facilities. These structures usually have an adequate supply of power and electrical facilities given their high use throughout each day. When it comes to remediation works there may be slight challenges involved with access, public access and security, but these are easily overcome during emergency flood damage issues given the urgency and need to restore the property as soon as possible.

4. Complex Residential Buildings

Complex residential buildings are structures that include townhouses, apartments, hotels, multi-family dwellings or large single-family mansions or estates. These buildings may have various managing bodies that look after the maintenance of the buildings as well as the insurance policies. When remediating flood damage on these types of buildings it is important to note the security challenges as well as the residential access and private access for after and during hours work.

Challenges Involved in Large Restoration Projects

Some of the main challenges involved in large water damage restoration projects include the following:

  • Intricacy of mechanical and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems
  • Complex electrical systems
  • Construction methods used on each different building
  • Low voltage and special wiring systems
  • Access to the public or those working at the building
  • Security of the building and safety of those in the damaged area
  • Authority to access areas during specific work or after hours times

Despite the challenges above, a professional and experienced flood damage specialist can ensure each of the above challenges is addressed first before commencing the job. Additionally they’ll have the trained and certified staff, contractors, equipment and appropriate access to conduct flood damage remediation on larger properties in a timely manner.