Wet Carpet Drying: How We Rescue Your Flooded Carpets

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Flooded carpets are a householder’s nightmare – an expensive item if they have to be replaced, but also prone to staining, mould and mildew if they get wet.

Fortunately, Kleen-Tech have dried and treated and re-laid or replaced thousands of metres of fitted carpeting over the past 23 years:

Our three step process has been proven over 23 years.


Assess the flood damage and decide of the carpet should be removed or restored. (Following a flood damage report by us to your insurance company). Carpeting soiled with water contaminated by sewage, overflowing drains or sediment will usually need to be replaced.

Carpet which is not saturated may be able to be surface dried . treated and steam cleaned, but water saturated carpet will usually have to be lifted after the excess surface water is extracted and then warm air dried on both sides (a process called floating ) for up to several days. Underfelt must also be assessed and may or may not be worth saving. If not it is removed and disposed of, and a new underfelt laid.


The now dry carpet is stretched (as it shrinks when wet) and re-laid by professional carpet layers before being treated for mould and mildew and deep steam cleaned to leave it looking as good or better than it did before the flooding.