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The Restoration Process for Contents

When a large, indoor flood occurs and your house or property has a high amount of water intrusion the restoration process will be highly specific and unique depending on the damaged items. Within all properties there are various types of items including personal belongings, furniture, high-value items, electrical media, books and documents, artwork, collectables and many more. With the restoration process, each item will first be assessed to establish whether it can be restored, replaced or removed entirely. This process depends on the type of water damage and whether it’s contaminated from sewerage water or outdoor materials. Below we’ll outline some of the cleaning methods and processes used for restoring high value & irreplaceable contents.

1. High Value & Irreplaceable Contents

There are high-value items and irreplaceable items that can be damaged during an indoor flooding event. High-value items include those with a high monetary value, whereas irreplaceable items are those with unique or unusual history, sentimental value or cultural significance that cannot be replaced with a monetary amount. Some examples of high-value and irreplaceable items include:

  • Paintings or artwork
  • Valuable collectable items
  • Musical instruments
  • Electronics
  • Frames
  • Tapestries and rugs
  • Valuable books
  • Sentimental items
  • Culturally significant items

When it comes to the cleaning process there ay be a few restoration techniques that need to be followed that are appropriate to these items. Such examples could include cleaning the items delicately but a few times over or by using specialised experts and restorers, such as artwork restoration professionals. For all flood damage and water intrusion, cleaning should always include soil and contamination removal as one of the first steps. Additionally if there are any odours present, these will need to be effectively removed and deodorised until the item is restored to its pre-loss condition. There are some items that are highly susceptible to mould contamination including organic materials including leather, paper and any taxidermy items. Items such as these may require a proper analysis and appropriate disposal of the item if it cannot be restored unfortunately. The key with any water damage is to act as quickly as possible to prevent as much water saturation as possible.

Emergency Flood Cleaning in Melbourne

If you do experience water damage to your house and belongings the key is the act fast and ensure the drying and remediation process happens as quickly as possible to prevent saturation. If you are based anywhere in Melbourne as well as the surrounding suburbs you can call Kleen-Tech 24/7 on 1300 305 030. We can guarantee the best quote and a professional job from start to finish.