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3 Reasons To Call A Flood Damage Specialist Immediately Following Water Loss

1. Prevent Secondary Damage

Secondary damage involves extra damage to surrounding structures where the water loss occurred. This can include the carpet underlay, sub flooring, walls, furniture, personal belongings and more. Secondary damage occurs when the original water loss is not attended to in a timely manner. As a result, water continues to travel in the surrounding areas and into otherwise dry structures.

This type of damage can be easily prevented by ensuring the excess standing water is removed as soon as possible. While you await the arrival of a certified flood damage technician, you can use dry towels to soak up any excess water on the flooring if it is safe to do so. Most flood damage restoration technicians operate on a 24/7 basis to allow homeowners and property managers to have a flood damage technician attend as soon as possible. The technician will commence work right away and outline the next steps. Flood damage equipment, such as air movers and dehumidifiers will be used to create a drying environment in the effected area. This drying environment will prevent secondary damage by ensuring all condensation is swiftly filtered and removed from the environment.

2. Prevent The Likelihood of Mould Growth

Mould typically thrives in damp environments. When there is an unexpected flood, such as from a burst pipe, a leak in the roof or a broken hot water tank, water may remain in the effected areas for long periods of time. This could be hours or days in some cases.

Mould is typically introduced to indoor environments by clothing, shoes and through open windows. It is usually harmless and with a regular cleaning schedule, mould is removed from indoor environments successfully. When water is added to the equation, however, some mould will grow and reproduce, spreading to other areas and growing on surfaces and in wall cavities. This is why removing standing water as soon as possible is in your best interests.

3. Return To Pre Loss Condition Faster

Have you ever had your house, place of work, warehouse or store flooded? There might be unexpected delays in restoring your property to pre-loss condition once the technician has scoped the damage. Longer wait times comes along with more damage, so if you can, try and phone a flood damage restoration technician as soon as you notice the flooding. This way the technician can commence cleaning the water so you can have your property back to normal in less time.