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What To Do When Your Hot Water Tank Bursts

Hot water tanks can burst often in homes or commercial properties with the causes ranging from a malfunctioning thermostat, corrosion or damaged tanks. Kleen-Tech has attended properties all across Melbourne that have experienced a burst hot water tank. The key to reducing subsequent flood damage is to take the steps below. Remember to take action as quickly as you can, as burst hot water tanks and subsequent flooding can be easily remediated by following the steps below. The steps below will help alleviate any potential damage that can be caused by flooding water and pressure build up in malfunctioning hot water tanks and will ensure that the specialists can get your property back to original condition as soon as possible.

1. Switch off the hot water tap supply

When a hot water tank bursts flooding can occur very quickly as the water supply is still being pumped into the tank, causing an increase in pressure inside and subsequent water flow. In some instances, the flooding can move from the initial source to other areas of the property within less than an hour, so it’s best to find the isolation tap that supplies water directly to the hot water tank and switch it off immediately. This will stop the progression of the water damage occurring to your property and will ensure that the remaining water in the tank will slowly leak out without the additional water supply from the tap. You should be aware that the remaining water in the tank may continue to leak but if you find the source of it and place a bucket to collect any extra water as much as possible it will assist in the water extraction process and remediation of your property.

2. Turn off the hot water switch from the electric switchboard

You’ll need to determine whether your hot water is supplied electrically or via gas. Once you’ve established this the next step after you turn off the isolation tap supplying water to your hot water tank is to switch off the hot water switch on your electric switchboard. The switchboard will usually state ‘Hot Water’ ‘HWS’, ‘Water’ or something similar that will indicate which switch you’ll need to switch to the off position. This step is very important as it will stop the electricity flow to your hot water tank to prevent any accidents involving electrocution. This means when the hot water tank specialist, water damage remediation professionals or other professionals arrive on the scene to attend to the damage, there is no chance of any minor or major electrical accidents.

3. Turn off the gas tap supply to the hot water tank

If you’ve identified that the hot water is instead controlled by the gas tank, switch off the gas tap supply immediately. This will ensure that the remaining water in the tank discontinues the heating process but importantly there is no chance of a gas leak occurring. This is a vital step after switching off the water supply and will make the environment as safe as possible for yourself, family members and specialists on site when remediating the damage. If you’re uncertain of where the gas tap supply is located you can ask another member who lives in the household or one of the specialists you phone in.

4. Remove any items of furniture or belongings that may be affected from flooding water

Kleen-Tech has over twenty years of water damage remediation experience and with a wealth of knowledge, this recommendation comes in as one of the quickest things you can do to prevent your property and belongings from getting damaged by water leaking from a hot water tank. If the flooding has continued outside of the water source towards other areas in the house try and remove any items you can such as tables, chairs, personal belongings, stock and any item that can be safely and easily removed from the damaged area. When Kleen-Tech arrives on the property they will assess which items can be salvaged and which items cannot be and will need replacement.

5. Phone a water damage specialist

Flooding that continues unabated can cause extensive damage to flooring, carpets, underlay, structures, walls and your property as a whole. We’d recommend immediately phoning a water damage specialist to attend the property and provide assistance immediately. Our friendly team of experienced water damage and carpet rescue specialists are highly trained in remediating water damaged areas and will provide expert knowledge, tips and assistance during the entire process. A burst hot water tank can occur at completely unexpected times, which is why Kleen-Tech offer support 24/7 all around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs every single day of the year as we understand the need for immediate action. Speak to one of our friendly and helpful assistants on 1300 30 50 30 any time and we’ll arrange one of our specialists to attend your property at your convenience and begin the remediation process.

6. Phone a hot water tank installer

You’ll need to find a professional to install your new hot water tank. A certified technician will be able to safely remove the damaged hot water tank and reinstall a new one depending on the type of property and the domestic or commercial needs from that property. Sometimes there are companies that offer just the hot water tank but no installation, or just the installation but no hot water tank. The easiest and fastest way to get hot water back in use in your property following a burst tank is to find a reputable company that has certified technicians who specialise in plumbing, electricity and hot water tank installation. With proper installation and monitoring across the years you should not have another burst water tank incident.

How Does Kleen-Tech Remediate a Burst Hot Water Tank?

Kleen-Tech has a wealth of experience in dealing with flooding and water damage caused by burst hot water tanks all over Melbourne and surrounding suburbs within a range of properties including houses, apartments and commercial properties. One such case in Elwood, Melbourne occurred when a hot water tank burst inside an apartment water was left running for several hours. The property manager, after being alerted proceeded to contact Kleen-Tech on behalf of the landlord to commence water extraction and repair the damaged carpet. In this situation there was a lot of standing water within the apartment so the first step was to carefully extract all standing water to mitigate any further damage to the carpet and underlying structures. As water had infiltrated the layers beneath the carpet by this stage, the underlay was removed and properly disposed of and the skirting, sub-flooring, cupboards, walls and other areas affected by the water were professionally dried using Kleen-Tech’s certified equipment.

The drying process of the damaged carpet was carefully monitored and following completion it was relaid with brand new underlay underneath, returning the apartment to its original condition.

Burst Hot Water Tank Flood Restoration Melbourne

Kleen-Tech is available 24/7 every day of the year to assist with water damage caused by burst hot water tanks. With a wealth of knowledge and over two decades of experience our friendly staff will ensure your property is returned to pre-loss condition as quickly and easy as possible. Phone any time on 1300 30 50 30 and speak to one of our friendly assistants who will guide you through the remediation process and steps to take.