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Types Of Water Damage And The Risks To Handling Them Improperly

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Improper handling or neglecting water damage may have very serious consequences including secondary damage, damage to the value your home or business and most importantly health risks to those exposed. While a plumber will be very familiar with the types of water damage from working with them they likely won’t be aware of the proper techniques of treating water damage the way a  water damage restoration expert is.

Type 1 Water Damage 

The first category of water damage occurs when the water is coming from a damaged source of clean water such as a faucet or main water supply line. While the water may originally be sanitary this type of water damage can rapidly deteriorate into a type 2 or type 3 if enough time goes by and/or the water is exposed to contaminants.

It’s for this reason that speed is so often emphasised when dealing with water damage, it only takes a few days for an inexpensive problem to become an expensive one. One of the common errors people make when attempting to deal with type 1 water damage is to assume that once visible water is removed the problem is solved. It’s important to hire an expert to ensure no secondary damage occurs by drying materials such as framing and insulation.

Type 2 Water Damage

The second category of damage occurs when the water source traces of contaminants which may present health risks. Common appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers are the usual suspects. If your washing machine or dishwasher overflows, the water damage needs to be addressed quickly. Any unnecessary delays may quickly deteriorate into type 3 water damage.

Type 3 Water Damage

The third category of water damage can cause very serious health concerns as it is caused when the source of water is comprised mostly of sewage, in particular human or animal waste. Type 3 water damage is typically caused by flooding from non-clean water sources like rivers, mould-contaminated standing water, septic tanks, toilets and waste disposal tanks. Water damage from these sources may lead to very serious health concerns and it is extremely important that it is cleaned and dried properly and promptly.

Time and Temperature

A common theme with all the types of water damage is time; the time it takes to respond to water damage can have a very serious impact on the costs and possible dangers to health involved to building occupants. Moreover, as more time goes by temperature plays an increasingly detrimental role in accelerating the onset of category 1 water damage degrading into a category 2 or 3 situation water damage disaster.

Therefore, it is so important to not delay with responding to water damage; bacteria and mould spores will quickly begin to form and the building’s materials will only become more saturated. Any delay can lead to reconstruction being necessary which will further increase the cost and time it takes to restore the premises to a healthy standard.

How To Fix Water Damage

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