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Top 6 Causes of Water Damage in Melbourne

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Here at Kleen-Tech we see plenty of water damage cases every day, and many can be easily preventable with some proper vigilance. Here we’ll outline just a few of the most common causes of water damage we’ve seen in the last year in the hopes you can avoid suffering the same damage:

  1. Bath and sink overflows are possibly one of the most common cause of water damage not related to a more severe disaster. Simply forgetting to turn off a tap after use or not noticing that children have left taps running can quickly lead to very expensive damage.
  2. Poor installation of washing machines can easily lead to the waste water hose dislodging. Once this occurs a slow leak will occur not only wasting many litres of water but also has the potential to cause severe flooding damage if not detected early.
  3. Like with washing machines, poor installation of toilets can lead to leaking pipes which if not noticed can quickly escalate into water damage. Also, any cracks in the cistern can cause toilet leaking.
  4. Burst pipes or water units are hard to miss but unfortunately, they will likely cause at least minor water damage even if responded to quickly.
  5. Flexi-hoses under basins burst.
  6. Water entering through the roof after heavy rain due to cracked roof tiles or gutter overflows. Remember to clean your gutters regularly especially in stormy seasons!

A lot of the damage we see at Kleen-Tech can be easily avoided by always making sure to hire qualified installers for all your water appliances such as washing machines and how water services. Additionally, if you simply check hose connections quarterly, it can go a long way in making sure you don’t end up facing down some very expensive and frustrating water damage. Also, checking to make sure taps are turned off before you leave the house – especially if you have small children – is an easy way to avoid potential flooding in your daily routine. It is also recommended that you check your roof tiles regularly, especially before and after rainy seasons.

If you have the bad luck of suffering from water damage or flooding, make sure to call the Melbourne’s leading water damage experts at Kleen-Tech on 1300 13 46 07. Our certified technicians can provide you with advice and guide you through this stressful time and quickly dispatch to your location.