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Top 4 Areas of the Home Most Likely to Suffer from Water Damage

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What is Water Damage?

Water damage is a broad term we use to describe types of damage to homes and buildings caused by water and moisture. As you may have experienced before, water damage of any scale can happen anywhere and most the time with little warning – anything from a sudden burst pipe to unexpected flood weather. As well as threatening significant structural damage to homes, water damage can lead to the growth of mould colonies which pose a serious risk to the health of the occupants. The following are the top 4 areas of your home where water damage is likely to occur so that in the event of flooding or other water disaster, you’ll know the first places you should check for water damage and mould growth.

Main Causes of Water Damage in Your Home

Water leaking from a dishwasher hose, clogged toilets or plumbing leaks – there are dozens of potential sources of water damage around the home. Leaking taps waste roughly 21 litres of water per day, so just imagine how much can be wasted by leaky pipes inside your walls, not to mention the damage all that moisture can cause to your drywall or other building materials.

The Big 4:

  1. The kitchen Faucets, dishwashers, refrigerators and other water-based appliances make the kitchen one of the most prone areas in the house to water damage. A single appliance malfunction or plumbing leak can quickly flood your entire kitchen and risks quite extensive water damage.
  2. The laundry room With the second most water-based appliances in the house behind the kitchen, the laundry room is easily the next-most area of the home at risk of water damage. If a washing machine overflows it can easily and quickly cause considerable damage.
  3. The bathroom Like the kitchen and laundry, the bathroom is an area of the house with plenty of water sources. A poorly sealed bathtub or an overflowing toilet will quickly lead to a bathroom full of water. Additionally, poor ventilation in the bathroom can exacerbate the risk of mould growth when water damage does occur, so it’s important to ensure that your bathroom is properly ventilated after a serious water event.
  4. The basement It may come as no surprise that a basement is at high risk for water damage. Groundwater seeping through cracks in the walls and floor or water heater and washing machine malfunctions can quickly turn your basement into an indoor pool. Further, during a flood event any water that enters the house will find it easy to accumulate in the lowest point of the home – the basement.

Water Damage Restoration Experts in Melbourne

Have leaks or flooding caused water damage in your home? Time is of the essence when dealing with potential mould and structural damage – so don’t hesitate to call Kleen-Tech on 1300 13 46 07 to arrange any equipment or personnel you may need to restore your home to a comfortable and liveable condition.