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How A Water Damage Restoration Technician Assists After Disaster

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Australia has some of the most beautiful weather in the world. However, from time to time, Mother Nature likes to remind us that she is truly in control with floods, fires, cyclones, and damaging storms that may affect your home or business. When the things you treasure the most are at risk of water damage, you should contact the expert water restoration technicians at Kleen-Tech. Our Melbourne based water damage restoration technicians are available 24/7 (even on holidays) and attend within the hour.

Water damage restoration technicians play an extremely important role in rescuing homes and businesses affected by excess moisture or fluid. Kleen-Tech’s certified industry professionals can quickly reverse the extensive damage that a flood or sewage backflow can cause, and save as many items as possible in the process. When dealing with contaminated fluids, only certified professionals should be allowed to manage the clean-up. You should be aware that attempts to undertake cleanup efforts without the help of a certified expert, may result in injury and illness.

There are many dangers present when a property is affected by excess water or moisture – most of them being health hazards from microbes and mould spores – and restoration should not be attempted without assistance from a restoration professional as the risk to personal harm is high.

After a property has been affected by flooding or other water damage disasters, a certified restoration technician will work promptly to save whatever items are still salvageable while restoring the structural damage that can be caused by excessive moisture from flooding or backflows.  Immediately after reaching the site, a professional technician will begin assessing what items will have to be condemned and which require quick rescuing. The technician will also begin to pump out any water that has pooled in the affected areas.

Once the visible water has been physically removed, it is then time to dry the structure and materials in the affected areas with dehumidifiers and air movers. As the property dries, technicians will search the premises for any traces of mould colonies or other contaminates. Once any are found, special cleaning products will be used to remove any traces of contamination so that the home is once again safe to live in with the help of the water restoration professionals.

Kleen-Tech maintains a large inventory of water damage restoration equipment in Melbourne to service our community. Our experience, staff and equipment have rescued over six thousands (6000) homes and businesses since 1994.

Not only are we able to assist with wet carpets and steam cleaning but also in large loss and catastrophic events such as regional flooding and cyclones. Our technicians are highly responsive and are available prepared for anything ranging from minor leaks to a major event.  Call us today and we’ll be there within the hour.