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Flood Cleaning Tips and Equipment

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With more than twenty years experience in flood damage restoration and having restored more than 6000 properties across Melbourne and all the surrounding suburbs, we’ve got expert knowledge and tips for flood cleaning. When flood damage strikes the water can infiltrate all areas of your property quite quickly, leaving little time to salvage your belongings and move items away from the water in time. If you attend your home, work, office, warehouse, apartment or commercial building to find that it’s been flooded we recommend calling in a flood damage specialist and in the meantime taking the following flood cleaning tips to prevent as much damage to your property as possible.

Flood cleaning tips and flood cleaning equipment
Timber flooring with water damage

Flood Cleaning Tips

Here we’ll outline our recommended tips for reducing the amount of water saturation and damage to your property following a flood. By taking the following steps you can significantly reduce the amount of water damage to your property and belongings but also ensure the safety first of yourself and those within the property. We only recommend using the following tips if the area is safe and secure.

  • Ensure the water damaged area is safe to enter by checking electrical items and securing the area from people and pets
  • Try and identify the source of the flooding and move any items of furniture and belongings out of the way
  • For heavily saturated areas that aren’t contaminated use towels and soak up excess water. Repeat this process for all water damaged carpeted areas in your property
  • Switch off any heaters in the property to ensure low humidity to the area
  • Try and ventilate the rooms with cold air only
Flood cleaning tips and flood cleaning equipment Melbourne
Water entering a premises following a storm in Melbourne.

Flood Cleaning Equipment

With regards to flood cleaning equipment, a water damage specialist will have all the correct items at their disposal to get the job done effectively. Equipment used in flood cleaning and carpet drying including water extraction units, water meters to assess the level of water saturation, carpet drying fans, dehumidifiers and deep steam cleaning equipment to freshen up and sanitise carpets. This equipment is operated by a flood damage specialist for all flood cleaning jobs, however, if the water damage is minimal you can certainly hire carpet and flood cleaning equipment including carpet drying fans and dehumidifiers to dry the specified area. We only recommend conducting DIY flood cleaning if there is a small amount of area with flooding where the saturation is minimal. If it is unsafe to approach the flooded area we recommend phoning a flood cleaning specialist to secure the area and do the job instead. Safety comes first with all flood related issues and it’s best to leave it to a qualified technician to assess the area and use flood cleaning equipment to get the job done.

Call 1300 305 030 for all flood cleaning in Melbourne.