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Flood Cleaning: Basements

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Cleaning up after a severe basement flood can be quite the task. The trick is to notify a flood damage specialist right away to prevent increased water saturation to the structures of your property and to begin moving items away from the flooded area that have not come into contact with water yet. The basement is an area that is highly susceptible to mould with untreated water, given its damp, non-ventilated environment and general non-access during day-to-day tasks. The trick is to ensure that there is plenty of cool ventilation provided after a flood and the water is removed as soon as possible. Here we’ll outline our professional guide on what you should do if you’re basement gets flooded and how to commence the cleaning process.

Flood cleaning in the basement
The source of the flood can vary. If windows have been left open by accident water can enter the premises quickly following severe rain, making it’s way through the property to other areas including the basement.

Basement Cleanup After a Flood

After flooding occurs to the basement of a property fast action is required to prevent water building up on the main structures of your property resulting in further structural and mould damage. This can require a full restoration of the property or replacement of structures in the home, resulting in increased costs and the relocation of yourself and your family until the work is done. We recommend taking the following steps below immediately after there is a large amount of water damage in your basement to ensure your property is restored to pre-loss condition with the least amount of stress to you and your family.

  1. Phone a flood damage specialist immediately to attend your property and inspect your basement
  2. Ensure the basement is safe to enter. If it is not safe to enter or you’re unsure, wait until a flood damage specialist arrives on the scene to secure the area

  3. If it is safe to do so, try and identify the source of the flooding and move any items of furniture and belongings out its way

  4. If you suspect the basement has been flooded with sewage water based on the odour, do not go to the area as this will be dangerous for your health and result in contamination of other areas of the property

  5. Ensure there is plenty of ventilation to the basement and leave the doors open to allow cool air flow
  6. If the area is basement is safe to enter, you can move small belongings and items out of the way from the source of the flood to ensure they don’t get damaged

For all flooded basement cleaning in Melbourne and all surrounding suburbs contact Kleen-Tech on 1300 305 030