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Drying Machinery – What To Use When Disaster Strikes

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Drying Equipment Is Vital To Ensuring Your Carpets and Flooring Are Restored

Having previously gone over the equipment and processes used in the initial stage of drying wet carpets, it is now time to look at what machines are used in this process.

Having removed most of the water from a flooded house through deep water extraction we must now deal with the residual moisture that is left in materials such as carpet, hard flooring, walls and structures. Even though the amount of water left is a small fraction compared to when the flood damage first occurred, drying the remaining water is the most difficult and time-consuming step in the flood restoration process.

Kleentech Has The Right Equipment For the Job

As mentioned in a previous article we have met countless people from all over Melbourne who have attempted to dry their wet carpets or flooring on their own using equipment that can be rented at places like Woolworth’s or Bunnings. The equipment that is accessible from this place will rarely ever allow for correct drying of water damaged flooring and will often lead to secondary issues such as mould or increase the damage of the original water loss. When in doubt we are always available and happy to give advice and help when necessary.

The Drying Process

Back to the drying process. An essential part of the drying process is to generate air-flow over water damaged areas. The reason for this is that it will assist in the evaporation of moisture from certain materials. There are typically two types of machines that provide air flow and these are centrifugal air movers and axial air movers. There is no real need to understand the main differences between these two types of air movers beyond that they are each suited for different situations.

Drawing back to the example of the drying wet carpets, air movers would be ideally placed in an affected room to maximise airflow. By maximizing airflow over the surface of the wet carpet, drying can occur at a rapid and efficient pace. It is important to remember that your normal home fans will not even come close to providing the amount of airflow that is required to dry wet carpets. Therefore it is so important to have professionals handling the restoration for flood damage.

If we take the simple view that airmovers evaporate the moisture that is trapped in materials (carpet, hard floors, skirting, walls and other structures) it logically follows that this moisture must now be removed or else it will simply enter other materials and spread the damage. This is where dehumidifiers come in. If air movers evaporate the moisture into the air, then dehumidifiers are able to extract that moisture out of the air and trap it so that it can be removed.

Low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers are generally the most capable when it comes to extracting moisture out of the air from wet carpet and the like. Whilst it is possible to figure out a DIY solution for generating air flow (unlikely to be adequate without industrial equipment) it is nearly impossible to have specialist industrial dehumidification equipment. Therefore it is essential to have professionals with the appropriate equipment attend to flood damage. Dehumidifiers serve the vital function of removing moisture from a water damaged area and as such cannot be overlooked.

So whilst it may be tempting to complete emergency drying by yourself, please be aware of the limitations and risks that come with this method. Over the years we have had countless people call us after a few days saying things like we tried to dry our wet carpets ourselves and know there is an odour and even mould growing.

At Kleen-Tech we have all the appropriate and most updated equipment that will ensure your wet carpets will be restored in no time at all. Beyond having the appropriate machinery we also have the experience that can only be gained by being in the industry and restoring flooded properties for over 20 years. Have trust that we will return your property to pre-loss conditions with the least amount of hassle and in the least amount of time.