Kleen-Tech Steam Cleaning for Carpets and Upholstery

Professional deep steam cleaning is our best practice technology for restoring, deodorising  and revitalising  water damaged  carpets and upholstered furniture, but you can also order this super-effective cleaning as a stand-alone service if you wish.

Kleen-Tech Steam Carpet Cleaning

Kleen-Tech has the professionally trained staff and state of the art deep steam cleaning equipment to give your carpets a new lease of life. Deep steam cleaning pumps a jet of steam into the carpet fibres and loosening and removing ingrained dust and dirt that has worked its way into the fibres. We also treat the clean carpet for mould and mildew and sanitise and deodorise to remove pet and other stains.

Kleen-Tech Steam Upholstery Cleaning

If your upholstered furniture has been water damaged, we will deep steam clean it after drying to remove any contamination and revitalise the upholstery.

But even if it was not flood damaged, your older upholstered furniture might look clean yet be harbouring bacteria, or be impregnated with surface dirt and dust that could give it a dull, tired appearance. By deep steam cleaning the upholstery – not just the surface, but what lies underneath – we extract almost all dust and dirt and leave the fabric looking refreshed. We also use specialised spot cleaners to remove stubborn stains and marks that might spoil the look of your furnishings.

Kleen-Tech Tile Cleaning

If flooding has affected your floor, bathroom or kitchen tiles, we can restore and re-grout them so they look like new again. Our tile cleaning techniques include water jet cleaning and specialised treatment and removal of mould and mildew, soap scum, detergent build up and fluorescence to leave dull old tiles looking years younger. We also re-grout tiles to treat mildew and stains so they look new again.

Get a quote while we are working in your home.

When Kleen-Tech hands your water-damaged home back to you after thorough drying and careful restoration we aim to have it looking as good or better than it did before the flood damage– so why not treat the rest of the house to a facelift too, while our fully trained staff and specialised equipment is already at your place?

If you do, we will offer you a special discount as a thank you!

The reason we stand by our steam cleaning, WE NEVER SUB-CONTRACT.

We absolutely refuse to sub-contract our steam cleaning unlike many others. We have over two decades’ worth of experience and we have seen all the cons and tricks that other companies will use to get your business. You may have seen some ridiculously low prices quoted for steam cleaning but what they don’t tell you are the additional costs that they can charge. Additional costs for spot removal, additional costs for carpet material, additional costs for size and some even charge extra depending on the colour of your carpet! Often you will call a company to have your carpets steam cleaned and they will organise a sub-contractor to complete it. Once this is done they wash their hands of any responsibility relating to the quality of the job and you have to now deal with the sub-contractor if you have issues. Our favourite business is repeat business and that’s why we ensure we perform our work to the highest quality.