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After Hours Property Flooding: 3 Steps To Take

Accidental property flooding is a common occurrence, whether it’s caused by natural rainwater damage, a burst hot water tank, a broken sewage pipe or a leak in the roof. Some properties might be more susceptible to flooding depending on their location. Each water loss incident poses different risks, contamination and remediation requirements depending on the source of the water and the type of property affected. With a few simple steps, you can assist in the mitigation works and ensure your property is restored to pre loss condition sooner than later.

Step 1 Ensure the area is safe

If there are exposed wires or the risk of harm to anyone within the property, it will need to be secured off until a plumber of flood damage specialist inspects the property and mitigates any risk. The best thing you can do if it’s your home is to avoid the area unless you’re certain there are no risks such as collapsed roofing or walls, exposed electrical wires or sewage water that has contaminated the area. A plumber and a water damage technician will be able to safely assess the area once they arrive to the property and take necessary steps to avoid hazards prior to completing flood restoration.

Step 2 Phone A flood damage specialist

No matter where you’re based, there will be a flood damage specialist and water technician available to attend your property to assess the water loss incident and commence remediation. The quicker the response, the better the outcome and the sooner your property can be restored to pre loss condition. You can also begin to move any personal belongings or furniture that has not been affected yet to reduce the water damage to the property. This will save you on extra costs and drying time.

Step 3 Soak up any excess water

If the area is safe, you can begin to soak up extra water on the flooring and carpets by using towels. This step will reduce the amount of saturation and help reduce the drying time required. This is a great step you can take to help reduce the moisture load on the affected areas.

Commercial & Home Emergency Flood Restoration

Kleen-Tech has more than 23 years experience in emergency flood damage restoration and carpet drying in Melbourne. We have serviced Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs in a range of commercial and domestic properties, including retail shops, restaurants, warehouses, houses, schools and more. Flood damage left unattended can cause secondary damage including the formation of mould, which is why immediate action and professional remediation is integral to restoring your property to pre-loss condition. Call the experts now on 1300 30 50 30 for the best quote guaranteed.