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3 Reasons Why Water Damage Occurs

1. A burst pipe

This is the most common reason for indoor flood damage. In commercial and domestic properties, a variety of pipes exist throughout the structures of the property. These can become compromised through wear and tear or erosion. There could be a slow leak over time or a burst pipe due to increased pressure within the pipe itself. The result is water damage in the area and surrounding flooring and walls, leading to compromised structures and potential mould growth over time.

2. A burst hot water tank

Standing water from a burst hot water tank can lead to water damaged carpets and flooring. There is usually an underlying reason for the tank to burst including sediment build up, rust and corrosion or too much pressure. If you have any concerns about your hot water tank, it’s best to seek advice from a plumber to inspect the unit to ensure there are no underlying issues that could cause a burst tank in the future.

3. A structurally compromised roof

Broken or damaged tiles can cause water to slowly drip into the roof cavity, leading to build up and ceiling damage. If the leak is sustained, the water will eventually begin to fall into the property itself leading to water damaged carpets and flooring. During heavy rainfall, it is recommended to check your property for any potential leaks and collect the water as soon as it begins to drip. Following this, you can call a professional to inspect the roof tiles and ensure the damage is patched up as soon as possible.