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2 Reasons To Routinely Inspect Your Property

Some of the most common reasons for a flooded property include a burst pipe, blocked gutters, a leak in the roof or an open window. Mould is usually readily removed from properties with routine cleaning, however, in some situations when left for long periods of time it can grow into the structures of your property. By routinely inspecting your property in dark areas and rooms with low ventilation, you may be able to notice key signs of mould growth early on. When it comes to preventing an indoor flood the best steps you can take are to ensure your gutters are cleaned, windows are closed during heavy storms and any cracked pipes or old hot water tanks are checked for weakened structures.

1. You’ll find pressure points earlier

There are areas in your property that become weakened over time and do require checks every now and then. Most commonly included are ceiling tiles, old hot water tanks and rooms with low ventilation and low light. Over time these ‘pressure points’ might give way to mould growth, leaks in the roof and indoor flooding. The earlier you find them, the sooner you can fix them to prevent any serious flood damage or mould formation in the property. By addressing these ‘pressure points’ you may save yourself the time, money and energy resolving a much larger issue in the future. There is no specified frequency at which you should check these areas, however, we do recommend checking rooms with low ventilation and high condensation frequently to see if there is any mould. When there is heavy rainfall you may also become aware of a small leak in the roof as water will slowly drip in. It’s best to address these issues sooner than later.

2. You’ll reduce your expenses in the long run

By addressing the pressure points earlier, you’ll definitely save yourself in the long run. Emergency flood restoration and mould remediation can take time. To restore your property back to pre-loss condition sometimes large renovations will need to take place if the damage is excessive. This can put you out of pocket quite a bit. Whether you’re replacing cracked pipes, broken roof tiles, having your gutters cleaned or installing a ventilation fan in an area prone to condensation, you will save yourself financially in the long run by preventing a much larger flooding event or irreversible structural damage from mould.

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