Water and flood damage – who pays?

If you do not have insurance cover, you will be personally liable to pay for water and flood damage repairs, but if you don’t have insurance cover, Kleen-Tech will still be willing to help you work out a payment plan to save your home. We understand your home is important to you.

Owner Occupied Homes

Home repairs are usually covered by your home and contents insurance policy and if you have a policy, we will help you streamline the claim procedure and ensure your claim is handled smoothly and speedily.
Household policies generally cover flood damage due to rising water levels and water damage resulting from rain, as well as storm damage to the roof, walls windows that result in water entering the premises. Water damage resulting from appliance faults, blocked drains and sewer backflow and broken water pipes is also usually covered, as is accidental flooding resulting from – say unintentionally leaving a tap running.

Rental Tenant

Tenants are usually covered for flood damage by the landlord’s insurance policy since the landlord is usually liable for upkeep and repairs.
If you are renting a house, flood repairs are usually covered by the landlord’s insurance policy and in the case of tenants renting an apartment in a strata building, the repair costs may be split between the landlord and the body corporate.
Kleen-Tech have had extensive experience in handling insurance claims for rental properties and will liaise with your landlord , the body corporate , the letting or managing agent and the insurance company to repair your rented home as soon as possible

Business Premises

It’s simpler for flooded or water soaked businesses. In almost all cases the costs would be covered by the landlord’s insurance policy or the tenant’s own business policy. Whoever holds the policy, Kleen-Tech can get started on drying out the premises immediately, and then supply a written damage assessment reports and deal with the insurance company on your behalf to get your business dried out and operating smoothly again with minimum delay.

Estate Agents

We have worked extensively for estate agents over the years and are currently the preferred restorers for many in the Melbourne area. We understand the difficulties of balancing the interests of all the parties involved and the delicacy that is sometimes needed when flooding occurs. We are able to advise on who is liable to pay and assist with any claims with reports and documentation.


If you own  an apartment managed by a body corporate part of the damage may be  covered by the strata (if the structure is affected),and the balance by your own  contents policy.