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Water and flood damage Melbourne

A family business now in its second generation, Kleen-Tech are specialists in dealing with water and flood damage. With over 20 years of experience we are able to offer fair and honest advice when disaster strikes. Our work is based on thousands of restoration jobs undertaken in the past so you can have faith that your property will be back to pre-loss conditions with minimal inconvenience. Over the years we have dealt with thousands of insurance claims and provided advice and reports to customers to ensure their claim is handled properly. It is important to know your rights if you are making a claim through insurance and we are always happy to share our experience to ensure you are treated fairly. We are able to claim our costs through your insurance, even dealing with them directly to take the trouble out of your hands.

A basic breakdown of the process

The source of water is identified (washing machine hose, burst pipe, storm water etc) and needs to be stopped.

The flood damage clean-up will depend on how far the water intrusion has occurred. In some situations water damage will not be visible to the naked eye as it can seep through surfaces such as walls and affect areas away from the source of intrusion. Moisture meters are used to determine the extent of damage so flood damage restoration can occur.

The excess water is extracted using specific machinery. Although this is often the shortest step, it is also the most important along with response time. If the extraction process is not completed properly the overall drying process will take longer and secondary problems such as mould will have an environment to grow potentially causing health risks. This process is essential for all flooring types whether it be carpets, hard floors, laminate or tiling.

If there are flood damaged carpets, the underlay may require removal once the extraction process is complete. This will greatly reduce overall drying time and in certain situations underlay will be un-salvageable. Carpet drying will then be easier to complete. Flooded carpets, flooring, walls and structures will then require drying with specific machinery.

Industrial air movers are placed in affected areas to generate air flow and circulation. This ensures a suitable drying environment is created. It is an easy mistake to think that regular ceiling/floor fans will work (we have seen it done in the past!) however these are not only un-suitable but will extend drying time and likely result in secondary damage occurring.

Dehumidifiers are placed in affected areas. These will extract the moisture from surrounding materials and from the air. The Air Movers and Dehumidifiers work together to first remove excess moisture/water from surfaces and then extract and remove from your property.

Once extraction of excess water is complete and Air Movers and Dehumidifiers are placed to create a drying environment the bulk of the work is completed. What follows is monitoring and adjustments to the drying environment to ensure the process is effective and efficient to ensure your property is back to normal as soon as possible.

Assessments and reports can be provided throughout the entire process. These may be recommendations to replace or repair carpet depending on the circumstances, identifying the source of water intrusion and reporting on the extent of the damage. These reports and recommendations will assist you if you are making a claim through insurance. As mentioned earlier, we have a vast amount of experience with insurance and we are always happy to provide advice as to what your rights are and how you should proceed.

What We Offer

Available 24/7

We understand that water and flood damage can occur at inconvenient times so we are available all day, every day for emergencies.

Melbourne Water Damage Recovery Specialists

We have a wealth of knowledge from completing thousands of restoration jobs and it is this experience that our work is based on.

Dispatch within 1 hour for emergencies

Response time is critical for minimising damage and ensuring a restoration job is completed properly.

IICRC guided work

We have IICRC certified staff which enables us to perform work with regulated standards.

Family business into its second generation

Our values are fair and honest work. Always willing to offer you frank advice

Residential Expertise

Over the many years we have completed work, We understand that people must continue with their lives even when a flooded house does not allow them to do so. Our work is therefore done to ensure as little disruption as possible so you can return to normal after disaster strikes.

Commercial Expertise

Having serviced countless commercial properties when flood damage occurs, we understand what is required. The ability to continue work whilst drying takes place, minimising disruption and ensuring the process is completed as quickly as possible. We will always work to achieve these outcomes.

Post restoration services available

Once the drying process is complete there may be other issues that will require attention. For example carpet may need to be replaced, skirting boards, plaster, ceilings, painting or any other structural areas may need attention. We are able to complete these works to ensure a job is completed from start to finish.