What To Do Before Kleen-Tech Arrives

It’s sometimes hard to think clearly when there’s water flooding your home or business? – so this handy checklist could be useful.

Emergency Check List

It’s sometimes hard to think clearly when there’s water flooding your home or business – so this handy checklist could be useful.

  1. First priority – Keep your family and staff safe and dry. Switch off power to all water soaked areas of the home or business premises – water and electricity are a potentially deadly combination
  2. Try and cut off the source of the water.
    • Burst pipe leaking washing machine or other appliance or fixture – turn off the cut off tap that supplies the appliance if possible (look under the sink or next to the toilet for a stopcock ), or turn off the water at the mains outside the premises. Block doorways to adjoining dry areas with light coloured towels (dye might run from dark coloured fabrics).
    • Storm damage or rising flood water – Phone the Victorian State Emergency Service on 132500 for help such as an temporary tarpaulin over the roof. Burst water main, call Melbourne Water- 131722
  3. Call Kleen-Tech any hour of the day or night, we will have a flood damage specialist at your premises within an hour to assist and advise you and assess the damage.
  4. Move any valuable possessions out of affected rooms if you can, or lift them onto a chair or table to keep them out of the water. Be extremely careful with any plugged in electrical equipment – e.g. TV set – water and electricity can be a deadly combination. DO NOT even attempt to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the water up – it would be extremely dangerous.
  5. As soon as the Kleen-Tech expert has completed an initial assessment, he can advise on the extent of the damage, estimate the time required to dry out the premises, and discuss a step-by-step flood damage restoration programme. The we will take care of just about all of the paperwork for you to speed up the insurance claim.
  6. Check that all your valuables and possessions that can be moved out of the water damaged area are dry, and make all valuables secure.
  7. Enable access to the premises for Kleen-Tech vehicles, equipment and clean up teams, and leave the drying out and cleaning up to us.