Could Your Carpets be Showing Signs of Dampness

Could Your Carpets be Showing Signs of Dampness?

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If you suspect that your carpets are damp or water damaged, you may need the services of Melbourne water damage specialists Kleen-Tech. Floor coverings can become damp for many reasons including flooding, leaks and pet urine.

Your nose if often your best bet for identifying the damp area and its source. Dampness caused by pet urine will have a distinctive unpleasant odour while mould will have more of a dank and musty smell. Additionally, pet urine will often cause discolouration and mould growth will sometimes be visible on the surface of the carpet. If it is mould, make sure to call an expert to prevent exponential mould spore release.

Each type of dampness is different and will require a specific solution to salvage damp carpets. It’s important that you act promptly to return your home to a comfortable and livable condition as untreated moisture can lead to a myriad of other issues. We recommend calling experts immediately when you find traces of damp to ensure the quality of your carpets and home environment.

Flooding Aftermath

One of the most common causes of damp carpets is that your home has been affected by flooding and not properly dried out. Flood repair is a specialised job to be carried out by experts with access to the necessary safety and cleaning equipment to ensure every drop of moisture has been removed from your structural materials and carpets.

While it is possible to hire the necessary equipment and attempt to do it yourself, you may neglect areas such as the carpet padding. This will result in an untreated source of moisture and possibly lead to mould growth. If your house has been flooded and you suspect the carpets have not been properly dried out, call Kleen-Tech immediately or you could risk your carpets being permanently ruined.

Leaks and Seepage

Another common source of dampness is leaking from pipes or radiators, defective damp proof coursing or moisture rising from a basement. In these cases, the structural issues causing the water damage will need to be dealt with before work can be done to rescue the carpets. Trained water damage experts can quickly zero in on the source and repair it; ensuring your carpets and structural materials have the best chance of remaining salvageable.

Animal Mishaps

If the dampness in your carpet is accompanied by a sharp acidic odour, then dog or cat urine is the likely culprit. Pet urine can be cleaned by yourself with special agents and cleaning solutions however it’s important to be sure that the products you use are suitable for your carpet. The wrong cleaner can leave your carpet permanently damaged.

If you find signs of damp in your carpets, it’s important to act fast if you want to give them the best chance of being salvaged. Melbourne based water damage specialists Kleen-Tech are available 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to call and prevent further damage from occurring.

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