My Child is Asthmatic, Could the Carpets be Hurting Them?

My Child is Asthmatic, Could the Carpets be Hurting Them?

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When properly maintained, a clean carpet acts as a filter for the air inside your home. Consistent vacuuming with a high-quality vacuum cleaner and a HEPA filter can prevent dust from building up. Additionally, getting your carpets cleaned regularly by a professional will keep them in their optimal state.

Asthmatics and people with allergies will often be allergic to the waste products of dust mites, rather than the dust mites themselves. These pesky mites live wherever humans do. Regular cleaning and maintenance as outlined above can prevent dust mites from causing any real problems however if their numbers can build up then it can cause ill affects to asthmatics.

Often when there is an allergic reaction people are quick to blame the carpets, but you should ensure that their bedding – pillows, quilts and mattress – are regularly cleaned and aired as well. Dust mites can easily thrive in our beds – where we spend a third of our lives!

Well maintained carpets have been shown to provide more benefit to asthmatics than alternatives such as tiles or hardwood. This is because a clean carpet can act as a filter – like a car’s fuel filter – similarly to a fuel filter though, if it blocks up then it stops working. Regular cleaning and maintenance is key to ensuring your filter doesn’t block up. Its important to remember that indoor air can be far less clean than outdoor air, it can be up to 10 times more polluted, in fact. Alternative flooring options don’t capture air pollutants, they simply hoard them in corners. When a gust of wind from an open window or door comes through you and your family are breathing in dust and other pollutants. However, carpet will capture and hold onto dust etc until you vacuum it up and dispose of it.

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